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Pam Stars in Back-to-Back 48 Hour Film Projects

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Never heard of a 48-hour film festival? Well, it's exactly that - an exhilarating weekend during which a filmmaking team writes, shoots, and edits a short film. The films are then screened locally and audience votes determine the winners. It's a terrific way for all cast and crew to flex their artistic and technical muscles against a ticking clock. Pam was first invited to act in the Boston 48 (Massachusetts) by actor and coach, Jay Street, and then, again, in the Providence 48 (Rhode Island)! What a thrill! Getting the script the morning of the shoot, building a character and learning lines in mere hours, then shooting the script all in one day!! The Boston film was "Scarred for Life" and the Providence film, "Fight Back" - one drama, the other comedy. And... we were awarded BEST ENSEMBLE ACTING for "Fight Back!" These festivals really shine a light on the incredible talent we have in our regional market here in New England. Congratulations to ALL the filmmakers who rise to these adrenaline-filled weekend occasions!!

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