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Winter Wins & More!

Well, "The Holdovers" proved to be the little engine that could - and DID! A good old-fashioned movie with no big bells and whistles, just fine acting, directing, cinematography, set design, spot-on wardrobe of the era, soundtrack... the list goes on, as does its list of nominations and wins during the 2023 Awards Season, including Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Da'Vine Joy Randolph. Pam is beyond grateful to have contributed to the telling of this heartwarming story, and acted with Paul Giamatti, Da'Vine, and Dominic Sessa. A portion of Pam's scene even made THE TODAY SHOW!

Pam also shot the psychological drama short film "What I Tell You Three Times Is True" in January. Set in the 1970s, an aging couple receives a letter from their beloved but peculiar son announcing his discharge from a sanatorium. They prepare for his arrival as signs around them expose their bubbling anxiety about his return. Pam's role of Sybil (aging wife and mother) is a study of a woman stuck in her own head, hopeful, and meticulous. She deeply misses (and feels guilty about) her son. She hasn’t been able to leave the house in several years so being alone, most of the time, she often escapes into her past or a dream future. This has made her neglectful and, sometimes, spiteful and mistrustful of her husband, whom she views as selfish and uncaring for their son.

In February, Pam shot the pilot episode of "He'll Be Home for Christmas," a limited TV series about a family who is reunited with their deceased father (David Langsbury) every Christmas Day. Pam plays the matriarch of the Molletti family (see cast photo below), navigating the lives of her adult children, and the unique and challenging viability of her marriage. Filming resumes in May 2024.

And Pam plays pickleball... in the short film "Pickleball," featuring four almost-golden girls who find themselves in the middle of another kind of pickle. Filming in April, this flick is sure to be a dink!


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