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“Pam is a true powerhouse with a natural ability to deliver authentic emotions. She can be vulnerable and deserving of affection one second, and then tough as nails and ready to serve justice in a pinch.  Watch out Ann Dowd!”

Rob Margolies

“[Pamela] nailed it. [She] gave the scene the weight it needed.”

Lucy Liu

Director Law & Order: SVU

Season 20 Episode 19

"Pamela is a force. Her capacity for strength and emotional availability is incredibly rare. She is generous in her work and it’s always professional. Her ability to connect with the depth of the story at hand and her willingness to use her entire self for the process is remarkable. It is always an honor when I get to work with her or experience her work."

Natalie Roy

Actress, Author, Creator of The 2% Booking Method Activated Actor Program, and Co-Star/Producer of the C.R.E.A.T.E. Podcast 

"Pam is an inventive, courageous actor with a lot of guts and plenty of heart. She brings a contagious enthusiasm and adds immeasurably to any cast's esprit de corps. She's high wattage, and low maintenance and big fun."

     Ed Shea, Artistic Director/CEO

     2nd Story Theatre

"Pamela Morgan is one of the most accomplished dramatic actresses in the Greater Boston area. She dominated the stage in the Stockard Channing role in OTHER DESERT CITIES, she gave a spell-binding performance in the Cherry Jones role in DOUBT, and showed her versatility as Velma Von Tussle in HAIRSPRAY."


    Armand Marchand, Executive Producer

    George Charbonneau, Artistic Director
    New Bedford Festival Theatre


GH Poster with Laurels.jpg
GOODBYE, HONEY (Feature Film)

“Morgan’s performance snagged her a number of [festival] awards… she can carry so much scenery. She gives the character layers with a turn sometimes conjuring Melissa Leo or Ann Dowd—a no-nonsense everygal who has a bigger heart than you may think, and will surprise you with violence as needed.”
Hope Madden, Maddwolf/Columbus Underground

“Morgan has a hint of Ann Dowd (“Compliance”) about her.”
-Roger Moore, Movie Nation

"Pamela Jayne Morgan is the real wild card; portraying a strong fleshed out woman who is relatable and balances her desire to help but is careful in her approach, displaying a resistance to trust so easily."
-Jason Escamilla, EskimoTV 

“GOODBYE HONEY is a female-driven masterpiece.  Both Juliette Alice Gobin and Pamela Jayne Morgan deliver outstanding performances and work beautifully together on screen.  The relationship they build throughout the film is raw and unique, and it’s based on empathy and doing the right thing.”
-Tori Danielle, Nightmares Film Festival 2020 
Meet Marvin & Marnie.jpg

“Pamela Jayne Morgan’s Marnie is quite possibly the best character despite limited screen time. There’s just something about her old school Hollywood vibe that’s electric onscreen and her relationship with Marvin is played to perfection.”
–Jeremie Sabourin,

SPICE (Short Film)

“Completely hilarious while also bringing that unanticipated level of heartfelt, bona fide drama to the depicted events, duo (Steve) Blackwood and Morgan are just superb as the long-married couple... the two actors emote fantastically well…”
Kirk Fernwood, One Film Fan 



HAIRSPRAY at New Bedford Festival Theatre, MA  (Regional)

Role: Velma Von Tussle a.k.a. Miss Baltimore Crabs

"Velma Von Tussle, the producer of the TV show, is played by Pamela Morgan as a first cousin to Cruella DeVil.  Her delivery of ‘(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs’ is a hoot."

- Joanna McQuillan Weeks,

Other Desert Cities Flyer.jpg



“Add Pamela Morgan to the stage as her mother, Polly, and audiences will experience a kind of in-your-face, here-and-now piece of theater like no other.  This character is held together with cement; she’s unyielding and constant… Morgan will bring you to tears of laughter and pathos in a dignified, cathartic portrayal.”
- Lorraine Lucciola, Contributing Writer, The Standard Times/



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