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Pam Makes Trailer for FX on Hulu's "Fleishman Is in Trouble" Mini-series!

It's always exciting when an actor appears in the trailer for a TV show or film. Pam booked and shot a small role last spring in FX on Hulu's drama mini-series, "Fleishman Is in Trouble," which premiered on Hulu on November 17. Towards the end of the trailer, you can hear Pam say, "That's him" (referring to star Jesse Eisenberg in a pool) and see her with two police officers, whom she called to report Jesse's character as a possible intruder. Watch the trailer here (and scroll down to the "Videos" section). Pam had a delightful experience working with Jesse and the rest of the cast and crew. Be sure to tune in - she's in episodes 2 & 4!

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