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Pam Awarded BEST ACTRESS at Open Gate Int'l Film Festival

Pam's win, for her role as a protective and devastated mother of an adult addict in the short film, "Blood Brothers," at the inaugural Open Gate International Film Festival is extra rewarding. In her first student film back in 2015, she worked with Kyle Gregory, a young man with whom she developed a strong friendship - and they both hail from Fall River, Massachusetts! Kyle is the writer and director of "Blood Brothers," his first short film, and he asked Pam to portray the role of Jane. Kyle also won for Best Director (and Alex Portenko, who plays Pam's son, was nominated for Best Actor, and the film was nominated for Best Picture). Additionally, Pam has acted on stage and screen opposite Haley Pine, one of the festival's founders. Small world in a big industry! "Blood Brothers" will be available for viewing in 2022. Stay tuned for details.

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