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One Degree of Separation from KEVIN BACON!

In June, Pam had the immense pleasure of filming the role of LINDA in the feature "Space Oddity," directed by the delightful Kyra Sedgwick. In addition to having several scenes with Kyle Allen ("The Path" and the upcoming "West Side Story"), Pam engages with Kevin Bacon's character, Jeff McAllister, in a touching scene at her character's place of business. From IMDb: This offbeat story about love and loss, the fragile experiment of life and how we find humor in the most unexpected places, finds Alex (Allen) grappling with the changes he's witnessing on the flower farm he calls home. So he's doing the one thing that makes him feel sane: training for a one-way trip to Mars that will plant him on an uninhabitable planet with no ticket home. This scares and confuses his family, and forces them to take a look at their own lives as they struggle to find meaning in a world that often makes no sense.

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