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BOSTON STRANGLER Hits Hulu to Great Reviews

The reviews are in and BOSTON STRANGLER is a must-see movie on Hulu! The Hollywood Reporter calls it “smart and powerfully understated,” and Vanity Fair observed, "What a welcome rarity BOSTON STRANGLER is... a sturdy, thoughtfully constructed movie featuring a compelling story and a host of great actors." The film is a true-crime thriller, starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon, about the trailblazing female reporters who broke the story of the notorious "Boston Strangler" murders of the 1960s. Good Morning America offers "Kudos to Ruskin (Writer-Director Matt Ruskin) for sustaining an atmosphere of tension and dread." Pam portrayed Anne Samans, grieving mother of Beverly Samas (the 10th victim in the serial killings), in scenes opposite Keira Knightley's character, Loretta McLaughlin. This was a particularly noteworthy role for Pam as she continuously receives feedback from casting directors and other industry professionals praising her ability to deliver such gritty roles in a genuinely raw and grounded manner. Do not miss this movie that Deadline noted as "one of those movies that finds a fresh way into an age-old story you might think you already knew but clearly didn't. Bravo."

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