How I loved to perform in dance recitals as a tot; but tutus, jazz squares, and tap shoes were not enough for me.  As a teen, I found my rightful place on the theatrical stage.  Heck, I was even inducted into my high school’s Drama Hall of Fame.  


I stayed connected to my passion from other sides of the business: radio voice-overs, industrial “corporatainment” producer, theatrical dance studio founder and children’s theater director, and finally treading the boards once again.  Later in life, I gave myself the gift of throwing my hat into the film and television ring.  I landed my first indie film and the rest is my professional acting history in the making.  


After a few successful years in the Boston market making commercials, industrials, short and indie films, web and television series, I now spend most of my time on Broadway – the street, that is, in the heart of Manhattan - pounding the pavement taking classes, auditioning, and telling stories.  I’m focused, committed, “smaht” (as we say in Boston), reliable, and set ready.  I’ve won a couple of awards.  I articulate and gesticulate, and bring well-balanced talent and life experience to my roles.  My type is a strong, smart, tough, fiercely protective blue/white collar woman who has overcome a lot, and is a fighter with a vulnerable and compassionate core. Loyal to a fault.  Bitch when provoked.  Guess I get that from my Portuguese heritage and sharing the same hometown as Lizzie Borden (Fall River, Massachusetts).  Avid reader, dog lover, wine enthusiast, party planner, diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan, beach goddess.