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MEET THE AUTHOR (Short Film 2018)

Role: Marnie
“Pamela Jayne Morgan’s Marnie is quite possibly the best character despite limited screen time. There’s just something about her old school Hollywood vibe that’s electric onscreen and her relationship with Marvin is played to perfection.”
–Jeremie Sabourin,



SPICE (Short Film 2016)


Best Regional Comedy Short, 2017 SENE Festival


Role: Eleanor

“Completely hilarious while also bringing that unanticipated level of heartfelt, bona fide drama to the depicted events, duo Blackwood and Morgan are just superb as the long-married couple whose concept of kick-starting their love life again might have been an exciting, spur-of-the-moment decision filled with nervousness and false starts, but then diverges into a tete-a-tete of much more overall significance. The two actors emote fantastically well.”

- Kirk Fernwood,

HAIRSPRAY at New Bedford Festival Theatre, MA  (Regional)

2012 New Engand Theatre Conference "Moss Hart Award"

Role: Velma Von Tussle a.k.a. Miss Baltimore Crabs

"Velma Von Tussle, the producer of the TV show, is played by Pamela Morgan as a first cousin to Cruella DeVil.  Her delivery of ‘(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs’ is a hoot."

- Joanna McQuillan Weeks,

"Pamela is dynamite as the scheming mother who will stop at nothing to see her daughter attain the stardom that she never had.  Her terrific singing voice shines in the sextet part of ‘Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now,' and in the tango song, ‘Miss Baltimore Crabs.’

- Tony Annicone, The Theater Mirror

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH at 2nd Story Theatre, RI (Professional)

Role: Amy

"F. William Oakes and Pamela Morgan are very funny, each in their own way, as the badly mismatched, unhappily married couple, Gareth and Amy."

- Larry O’Brien, Rhode Island


"Minard and Morgan are especially engaging."

- Christopher Verleger, Edge Media Network


"…two of the funniest characters in the show that stand out…Pamela Morgan who plays the trampy neighbor, Amy, winning many laughs at her outrageous behavior and foul language."

- Tony Annicone, Little Rhody Entertainment Writer, Don Gillis’s Little Rhody Theater

"Pamela Morgan is one of the most accomplished dramatic actresses in the Greater Boston area. She dominated the stage in the Stockard Channing role in OTHER DESERT CITIES, she gave a spell-binding performance in the Cherry Jones role in DOUBT, and showed her versatility as Velma Von Tussle in HAIRSPRAY."

Armand Marchand, 

Executive Producer
George Charbonneau, 

Artistic Director
New Bedford Festival Theatre

“Pam is a true powerhouse with a natural ability to deliver authentic emotions. She can be vulnerable and deserving of affection one second, and then tough as nails and ready to serve justice in a pinch.  Watch out Ann Dowd!”

Rob Margolies,

"Pam is an inventive, courageous actor with a lot of guts and plenty of heart. She brings a contagious enthusiasm and adds immeasurably to any cast's esprit du corps. She's high wattage, and low maintenance and big fun."

     Ed Shea, Artistic Director/CEO

     2nd Story Theatre

"Pamela is a force. Her capacity for strength and emotional availability is incredibly rare. She is generous in her work and it’s always professional. Her ability to connect with the depth of the story at hand and her willingness to use her entire self for the process is remarkable. It is always an honor when I get to work with her or experience her work."
Natalie Roy
Actress, Author, Creator of the Activated Actor, and Co-founder of C.R.E.A.T.E., holistic tools for artists