• defiant

  • controlling & critical

  • sharp-tongued but caring

  • heart is her strongest muscle

  • cynical & resentful

  • charming & bubbly

  • bold, ballsy & foul-mouthed

Strong, smart, tough,

fiercely protective 

blue/white collar woman

who is a fighter 

with a vulnerable and

compassionate core.

Loyal to a fault.

Bitch when provoked.

Melissa Leo (Goldie, "I'm Dying Up Here")

Toni Collette (Grace,"Unbelievable")

Ann Dowd (Aunt Lydia, "The Handmaid's Tale")

Susan Sarandon (Samantha, "Ray Donovan")

Christine Baranski (Tanya, "Mamma Mia")

Stockard Channing